What To Expect In Treatment

We know how intimidating and scary it can be coming through our doors. How do you know what to expect in treatment?

The good news is you’re no longer alone. You’ve got a team of experts and professionals behind you, and we’re here to help make your intake smooth and as easy as possible.

Our Member Care Specialists get where you’re at. They’ll help create an empathetic, welcoming environment where you can relax into the intake process knowing you’re receiving leading-edge treatment that goes beyond professional, trained, evidence-based care.

You’ll meet and begin to build trust with your dedicated counsellor, who will be your constant source of contact and information for your entire stay with us. They’ll help make your process through this initial stage easier.

Safe & Secure Environment

Aurora Recovery Centre is an access-restricted facility with controlled entry and exit points. Privacy is very important to us, and all Aurora employees are legally bound to confidentiality agreements.

Financing Available

We understand the cost to properly recover from addiction may need to be managed. Financing options are available to you through iFinance Medical (Medicard) and Treatment Finance.

Welcome Package

You’ll always know what to expect during your time at Aurora. You will receive a Welcome Package containing:

  • Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Daily Reflections
  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
  • Guidelines for Life
  • Aurora’s house rules
  • Other useful information

What to Bring

We want your stay to be comfortable and safe for you and other members. We’ll provide you a list that lets you know what to bring and what not to bring while you or your loved one comes to Aurora.

Semi-Private Room

Shared rooms are an important part of the recovery process, as it promotes connection and provides an additional support system. You’ll sleep comfortably in semi-private rooms.

Nutrition, Meals & Snacks

Eating properly gives your body the energy you need to focus on your recovery. You’ll receive three healthy meals daily. Snacks, juices and smoothie bar are available throughout the day. We easily accommodate special dietary needs. To continue good eating habits into your recovery, we provide nutritional planning, traditional teachings, and special outings.

Fitness, Activities & Games

Keeping your body fit is an essential part of long-term, healthy recovery. You’ll participate in a personalized ARC Fit program and connect with other members through various activities and games, such as painting, basketball, karaoke, pool, ping pong, nature walks and more.