5 Uncommon Known Affects on the Body from Alcohol

5 Uncommon Known Affects on the Body from  Alcohol

In recent years, alcoholism is viewed more like a disease rather than a bad habit because of its devastating effects on someone’s entire life. It’s common knowledge that abusing alcohol can cause serious health issues such as liver failure. But, many of us are unaware of other negative effects on the human body it has.

Besides knowing that alcohol is a dehydrating substance, which is why hangovers cause people to be so thirsty, at a deeper level dehydration leads to headaches, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. In some cases, it can occur when someone is still under the influence and cause people to drink too much water to hydrate. Excessive rehydrating can be deadly as it could lead to accidental drowning.

Here are more facts you may not know about alcohol.


Even though alcohol is a somongen, which means it induces sleep, the drug disrupts your sleep.  The drug robs people of their REM cycle, which occurs about 90 minutes before you go to bed. People abusing alcohol tend to be drowsier during the day and have poor concentration. Alcohol also affects people who rely on alcohol to sleep in the second half of the night. It suppresses breathing and causes sleep apnea.


Alcohol skyrockets your sodium levels, which causes people to get “swole” and not in a good way. Drinking too much alcohol causes bloating, gas, and ulcers. It causes an abnormal buildup of digestive enzymes produced by your pancreas. A buildup of these enzymes can last after a night of drinking causing parts of your body to swell up, but over time it can cause pancreatitis, a long-term condition.


Alcohol causes different reactions to everyone. Even though it’s legal, it is highly addictive and dangerous. Staying informed of all of the risks can protect you and your loved ones. If you suspect someone of dependence on alcohol, reach out to them.

Panic Attacks

People’s behavior alters when under the influence. Long-time users lose the ability to think clearly, nervous, and very anxious. As alcohol leaves the body, your sugar levels plummet-whether you have mixed drinks or not. The body works overtime trying to get rid of the booze, which inflames many different systems in your body.  The inflammation causing mood shifts, usually because of the chemical spikes that is wreaking havoc on your nervous system.


Wet brain is a term for minor brain damage caused by Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Due to a lack of vital vitamins such as vitamin B1 (thiamin), a problem drinker’s white matter is killed off and their blood sugars rise. People often don’t feel mentally there, lose their memory, and hallucinate. Hallucinations also occur for when people suddenly stop drinking  and don’t go through a proper, safe detox.



Many assume there are many different types of drunks. Though, we all suffer one trait when we are under the influence. While your inhibitions decrease, you’re unable to do certain things like act properly, think clearly, and motivate yourself in your life.




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