12 Days of Recovery Wellness

The holidays can be a difficult time for anyone—not just those who are in recovery. Seeing family can be stressful, finances get tight and temptations to eat and drink are everywhere. That’s why we at Aurora Recovery Centre challenge you to partake in our 12 Days of Recovery Wellness.

On every day of the 12-day period, focus on completing one challenge that will contribute to your overall wellness. Feel great, enjoy the holidays and ring in the New Year with a fresh mind and a smart list of resolutions.

Happy 12 Days!

Aurora Recovery Centre’s philosophies are consistently reflected in the way we value our members and staff. Everything we do is in the interest of our members’ recovery for life.

Aurora’s treatment process is built upon a member-first culture and stands on three pillars that reflect our philosophy toward our members’ recovery: Heal, Connect and Recover.

Our modern world-class facilities are located on the serene western shore of Lake Winnipeg, accompanied by miles of wooded trails and breathtaking sunrises, with amenities that support healing.

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