Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC) and ARC Counselling‘s counselling staff are highly trained, skilled, and experienced in working with those suffering from addiction, abuse, and mental heal illnesses. They help each and every one of our members through their addiction and into recovery.

Fellowship and Mutual Respect

We craft effective treatment recovery plans that help provide only the best of support systems to help guide you through all the trials of the discovery and recovery process. We know how hard it is to work through it all when you have little more than difficult addiction experience to do it with.

In order to help you dive into the sensitivities of your addiction and the course of life that brought you this point, we provide one-on-one counselling sessions for each member.

Begin Counselling

Our counsellors work to identify and unlock your needs, your strengths, and your barriers, so you can understand the point in your life when you developed an addiction or became vulnerable to it.

Our counsellors and other staff will:

  • Uncover deeper rooted issues (trauma, loss, mental illness)
  • Begin a dual diagnosis during your first session
  • Understand your current  living situation
  • Explore your internalized feelings and thoughts
  • Remind you of positive feelings
  • Create a plan to help you understand your feelings
  • Assist you with coping techniques
  • Be completely confidential, professional, and dedicated
  • Evaluate your treatment progress

Treatment sessions vary and depend upon your personal needs will be planned out with you during your first session with us.

For more information, please call 204-819-0197 to speak with our intake team now.

All information provided is confidential. Privacy Policy

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