Transitioning From Residential Treatment To Life

Transitioning From Residential Treatment To Life: Long term treatment is being proven to be the preferred form of treatment for people with substance use disorders in recovery. The 28-30 day model was created out of convenience for military programs and insurance companies. For many years the treatment model had very little to do with science. Today, there is a greater understanding of addiction. Treating addiction takes time as the brain is not fully healed within 30 days. In fact, it isn’t even close.

Symptoms of withdrawal can last up to 90 days and episodes of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome up to 18 months. Spending a year to two years in treatment for a substance use disorder often doesn’t sound appealing to those who are suffering or their families. However, compared to the scope of a long, happy, healthy, life, it’s an easy sacrifice to make.

Transitioning From Residential Treatment After 90 Days

Unfortunately, most don’t make it. Treatment for up to 90 days is still effective but requires a comprehensive step down process for lower levels of treatment, sober living, and transitional living. A marathon runner wouldn’t be put back in a race if a bone in his leg was still cracked. Similarly, it isn’t wise to put someone with chronic and often fatal relapsing and remitting mental illness back into the pressures of the outside world when their minds are still compromised.

Science Daily reports that the relapse rate within the first year after discharge from treatment ranges from 37% – 56%. Additionally, the website emphasizes, services in aftercare treatment improve those ratings.

Healing Takes Time

Healing an illness takes time. That’s why Aurora Recovery Centre has created a spectrum of care available for members and their families. Our highly customized treatment plans follow the progress of each individual case, adjusting their treatment trajectory as they go. Cognitive impairment, physical weakness, and a general lack of ability can inhibit someone from getting everything they need out of treatment. Going through a step-down process is essential for granting them time and exposure to therapeutic treatment methods necessary.

Last Resort

Many who enter treatment have lost their jobs, family members, and housing. Rehab is their last choice. Without a strong support network or anything to go home to, individuals graduating from treatment are in need of creating an entirely new life for themselves. Instead of going home to the flophouse, they need to create a new home and way of living. Continuing care is essential for this development.

Transitioning through phases of treatment is about more than staying in treatment. It is about helping an individual stay alive with a disease where the odds are stacked against them.

Recovery is possible. Aurora Recovery Centre is here to show you the way. Our full continuum of care ensures your smooth transition through every level of treatment with highly trained and certified staff. For more information on our programs call us today. There’s no time like the present. 844-515-STOP.