Transitional Housing & Sober Living

Staying grounded in recovery can feel incredibly difficult when you’re facing completion of your residential inpatient treatment. Knowing that you will need to make significant lifestyle and behavioural changes, perhaps a complete renovation of your life, means extra supports are needed. Transitional housing provides a supportive environment that offers structure, accountability and a healthy peer group in which to begin practicing your new behaviours.

Sober Living

Transitional housing offers an independent, sober lifestyle, away from the immediate support of treatment counsellors, but close enough to access support when you need it. You’ll integrate all you have learned in an environment designed to see you succeed.


The Benefits of Transitional Housing

Transitional housing sober living environments are proven to decrease the chance of relapse and support the building of your recovery foundation. Studies show that the environment and structure in transitional housing help further your personal growth and long-term sobriety through:

  • A high level of positive social support
  • Continued presence of the 12-step philosophies
  • Practical life skill development
  • Structured lifestyle
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing


Aurora’s Transitional Housing

Aurora provides transitional housing on our property. This facilitates a step down process in your level of care and ensures supports are in place as you begin your recovery journeyWe’re also proudly partnered with Two Ten Recovery Inc, Together We Can , Oxford House and Destiny House who provide clean and sober, wellness-oriented environments for men and women in recovery. Whether you’re in housing on Aurora premises, or with one of our partnered sober living organizations, our transitional housing and sober living options ensure that you’re supported every step of the way.