Transitional Housing & Sober Living

Staying grounded in recovery can feel difficult, and sometimes even impossible, when left to fend for yourself once leaving treatment. Social circles can change, finding work can be challenging, even learning to be comfortable in your own space alone can feel insurmountable.

What if going home to the same old routine is unhealthy for your newfound life of recovery? Or you’re not sure you’re on steady enough mental and emotional ground for full independent living just yet?

In Transitional Housing, you’ll be housed in a comfortable, safe environment in which you can begin your sober life in a nurturing, supportive, substance-free home.

Sober Living

Transitional housing is a way to learn to use the skills you learned in treatment to begin a lifetime of solid, lasting recovery.

During your last week of inpatient treatment, your counsellors will work closely with you to determine if transitional housing is the best option for you.

If so, you’ll have the opportunity to be immersed in an independent, sober lifestyle, away from the immediate support of treatment counsellors, but close enough to access support when you need it. You’ll learn to live sober and be free to move forward in your recovery for life.

The Benefits of Transitional Housing

Transitional housing and sober living environments are proven to decrease the chance of relapse and encourage continuous strides in your life of recovery. A study from the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that the environment and structure in transitional housing help further your personal growth and long-term sobriety through:

  • A high level of positive social support
  • Continued presence of the 12-step philosophies
  • Essential, skill-building participation in domestic chores and activities
  • Structured lifestyle
  • Enforced drug and alcohol testing

Aurora’s Transitional Housing and Sober Living

Aurora provides a transitional house on our own property.

We also maintain relationships with other Canadian transitional houses and organizations, proudly partnered with Two Ten Recovery Inc and Destiny House in providing clean and sober, wellness-oriented environments for men and women in recovery.

Whether in housing on Aurora premises, or with one of our partnered sober living organizations, our transitional housing and sober living options ensure that you feel continually supported, no matter what stage of recovery you’re at.