Paul Melnuk

Chairman, CEO and owner of Aurora

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Paul Melnuk has led and directed many public and private companies over a distinguished 40 year career. For the past 15 years, Paul has been an active and successful principal investor in a number of private companies covering a variety of industries.

For the past nearly four years, he served as Chairman of a highly successful and rapidly growing 126-bed addiction and chemical dependency treatment centre in the U.S. Paul is deeply passionate about recovery and gives of himself in a variety of ways to help individuals and their families experience the miracle of their own personal recovery.Based on research, Paul has come to believe that addiction is best treated on a foundation of abstinence based spiritual principles combined with the most advanced mental health techniques.

As Chairman, CEO and owner of Aurora, Paul is committed to a caring member-centered culture with the best professionals providing leading treatment practices and techniques within a beautiful facility that is amongst the very best anywhere.

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