Kate Bloy

Clinical Therapist, BRMCD, Co-Occurring Disorders

Clinical Therapist, BRMCD, Co-Occurring Disorders

Kate has worked intensively for twelve years with individuals and families who are in various stages of addiction and trauma recovery, providing cutting edge therapeutic modalities, such as EMDR, and Mindfulness. Kate understands that addiction is a complex condition, and that every individual has a unique recovery process. She believes that therapy must empower independence in order to be successful and Kate approaches her work with deep respect for the courage of those who undertake this journey of self-discovery. Working from an empathic approach with the resistance that people face before they finally become receptive to learning new patterns and behaviours, Kate provides a therapeutic experience that combines consciousness with change to guide her members to their innate inner power, supporting them as they learn to create meaningful and lasting freedom in their lives.

Kate is the CEO of Therapeutic Alliance, a full service private treatment practice based upon a community-building philosophy that provides both counselling and energy work for individuals and families. In her spare time, Kate is offers her skills to non-profit organizations concerned with LGBTQ issues and peer mentorship for foster parents.

Kate will provide therapeutic services to ARC guests who require psychological support during their early recovery. Additionally, Kate will facilitate group therapy sessions for ARC’s intensive outpatient program located in Winnipeg. In her words: “I walk with people for a while as they find their way. It is an honour to witness the profound beauty that emerges as people discover who they truly are.“

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