Heather Mitchell

She has been active in consultation with addictions facilities.

Chief Operating Officer/Clinical Program Director

Heather has experienced over 30 years of practice in the addictions field. Her primary career has been with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM), the crown provincial agency serving addictions treatment and educational needs throughout Manitoba.

Her experience has included front line counselling and program supervision, consultant, director, Vice Chair, and Chair of the AFM’s Board of Primary responsibilities have included development, delivery and management of budgets, treatment programming, addictions education and training; management and blending of multidisciplinary staff; system development and enhancements; inter-directorate partnerships such as mental health and justice and other addictions related agencies; forging other external partnerships and developing new initiatives; AFM policy development; overseeing accreditation processes.

Her broad experience in front line, program development, supervisory and management roles include:

Manitoba’s Impaired Driver Programs, youth community based, imen’s, federal/ provincial prison programs, men’s and women’s community based and residential and family programs, intake and assessment, withdrawal management stabilization; community addictions training/education; rural treatment alcohol/other drug, and gambling treatment programs. She has served as clinical resource consultant to the provincial addictions staff.

Heather served on the Board of Directors for the International Summer School for Addiction, Moorhead State University for 8 years. She has done training at the Lviv Polytechnic University in Lviv, Ukraine. She has done many addictions presentations and custom trainings throughout Canada and the United States. She has been active in consultation with addictions facilities.

Heather believes strongly in member resiliency, flexible programming, and a member centered, holistic approach to the addictions recovery process.

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