Brenda Dilello

Counselling Supervisor

Brenda Dilello - Counselling Supervisor

Brenda Dilello has over 33 years’ experience in both Health Care and Addictions Treatment. Brenda began her career at the Health Science Center and Grace Hospitals where she worked in both the Medical and Mental Health Care units.  Brenda has worked in the areas of the Chemical Withdrawal , Eating Disorders and Forensic Mental Health. She was also an instrumental part of the startup program for the extended treatment unit at the Grace Hospital for long term mental health patients. Brenda's experience in Intensive Care, Emergency, Recovery Room and Dialysis have given her a vast range of experience in medical health care. Brenda continued her work in the addictions field and was a part of the start up program for the Youth Drug Stabilization Unit.

Brenda upon retirement, returned to the field and was the Director of the Breezy Point women's residential treatment program for Addictions and Co-Occurring Disorders.
Brenda was responsible for creating and implementing the program components and facilitated group sessions, as well as individual counseling. Brenda has worked extensively with C.F.S .agencies,  the Criminal Justice System and the Women's Correctional Center.

Brenda has certificates in the areas of: Motivational Interviewing, A.F.M. Counseling certificate, Suicide Prevention and ASSIST training, Triple P Parenting, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, Meyers Briggs-Enneagram, Family Violence, F.A.S.D. and N.V.C.I. Training, Indigenous Cultural Competency, CPR/First Aid, C.O.D.I

Brenda is passionate and committed to continuing her work in the field of addictions, and believes in maintaining a high standard of integrity, compassion and respect to her members.

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