The Aurora Team

Our highly skilled, professional and dedicated team.

Aurora’s entire team have experienced tremendous rewards from their participation in the recovery process of their members. They are caring people who have a strong commitment to assisting people in overcoming active addiction. They share your pain and celebrate your daily successes.

Our team works with their experience, education, and we participate in the restoration of great human beings becoming whole again. Your team of recovery professionals believe in your strengths and skills that have brought you success in other areas of your life. They look forward to exploring those with you, and guiding you as you discover how to use your gifts to enjoy an enriched sober life.

Dr. Derek Jensen

Dr. Derek Jensen

Medical Director, Withdrawal Management

Dr. Jensen has played an integral role in establishing detoxification services at Aurora Recovery.
Marsha Harris

Marsha Harris

Program Advisor, MMFT

Marsha Harris is a highly skilled Marriage & Family Therapist who has 14 years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups in a variety of capacities and environments.

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