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National Addictions Awareness Week: What Is It?

National Addictions Awareness Week

The National Addictions Awareness Week media campaign is glitzy. It’s all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The organizers have posters, hashtags and a theme at the ready. They are explaining scientific terms and laying out the financial repercussions. The information is current and readily accessible. The academics get their fill of stats. But stats have no National Addictions Awareness Week: What Is It?

Principles of Recovery – Responsibility

Principles of Recovery - Responsibility

Responsibility is the Second Principle of Recovery Once again, I have the privilege of sharing my experience and hope through your newsletter.  As a legitimate elder (78, father and grandfather), if nothing else, I’ve survived a long time. Truth be told, much of my experience has been ‘the grace of God’, but I am proud Principles of Recovery – Responsibility