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WAWATAY: Kevin’s Traditional Teachings

Northern lights Wawatay

Wawatay came up in conversation during the Aurora Alumni Dinner. I heard a statement from one of our Addiction Specialists. He said, “We at Aurora, are the Northern Light. (Wawatay).” Ian Rabb then shared the story of the centre’s origins, recounting the inspiration for our name. The Inspiration For Aurora’s Name: Northern Lights, Wawatay “I WAWATAY: Kevin’s Traditional Teachings

Traditional Teachings by Kevin: Humility

Kevins Teachings Humility

Kevin’s Traditional Teachings: Begin your journey in the spring, in the East. East is where all life begins and yellow best represents our first Teaching: Humility. Learn This Kind of Humility Every day, the beauty and power of creation are ignited in the East. Are you not humbled by the strength and brilliance of the Traditional Teachings by Kevin: Humility