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ARC Squad helps at Siloam Mission

ARC Squad helps at Siloam Mission

Aurora Recovery’s “ARC Squad” had an exceptional time at Siloam Mission on Saturday, January 5! Members, Alumni, and staff volunteered their time for a gratifying afternoon of service! The ARC Squad was split up into several groups and given assignments in Siloam Mission’s various departments, including; kitchen duties such as plating, cleaning & serving meals ARC Squad helps at Siloam Mission

Recovery Dharma: Into Action

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma is among the spectrum of different recovery options Aurora Recovery Centre recognizes, and people choose to access these options depending on their temperament, personality, preferences and needs in the moment. When it comes to mutual support groups, there are many roads to recovery. Red Road to Wellbriety, Refuge Recovery and Dharma Recovery. Different Recovery Dharma: Into Action

The Dreamcatcher: Dreams of Wellbriety

Dreams of Wellbriety: The Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher was gifted to Aurora Recovery Centre recently from one of our members, Stacy M. He created a plaque and a dreamcatcher to be viewed by all who enter our recovery centre. The plaque states that “When you walk into Aurora and see this dream catcher, it will catch the nightmare that’s been our The Dreamcatcher: Dreams of Wellbriety