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Journal For Sobriety: How To Start

How To Start A Pleasing Journal For Sobriety

In the early stages of recovery, you might be facing your stresses directly for the first time. Which, could tempt you to retreat to old, unhealthy habits. Many people in recovery use a journal to process their feelings because writing things down allows you to process your feelings. As a result, people often find that Journal For Sobriety: How To Start

Sobriety During Summer

Summertime Sobriety

Sobriety in Summer: Summer is a time when people take breaks from school and work to enjoy the sunshine and spend time with family and friends. When the skies are blue, and the temperatures are warm, it seems like the perfect opportunity to relax by the pool with a cold drink in hand. Socialization is Sobriety During Summer

Sober Living and Transitional Housing

sober living facility Destiny House

Sober living can provide a person in recovery with the opportunity to do whatever they desire to do with each day of their lives. A new way of life requires new attitudes, new behaviours, and recovery practices on a daily basis. Abstinence without recovery is a lonely place, full of fear, anger, and self-pity. Abstinence alone Sober Living and Transitional Housing