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Goal Setting: How To Be Effective for Recovery

Effective Goal Setting for Recovery

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This quote is often used as a motivation for people in personal development and goal setting conversations. While this overused cliché is not a clinical definition of real mental health problems, it does provide a valuable lesson that Goal Setting: How To Be Effective for Recovery

Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

Five Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

Mindfulness Tips For Beginners: Mindfulness can be very helpful in avoiding relapse. Two key elements in addiction recovery and maintaining sobriety are found in a person’s ability to manage stress and personal triggers. It’s impossible to avoid stress and triggers altogether. But, the practice of mindfulness can be helpful to handle the emotions and avoid relapse. Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

How To Meditate Effectively

how to meditate

Meditate for relaxation and to think deeply. There are many definitions of meditation and many purposes for meditation. When I first started to learn meditation, one of my meditation teachers said that it was important to ask oneself why one is meditating. What is meditation for? Most people are inclined to say they want to meditate How To Meditate Effectively