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Martial Arts Meditation, ARCFit

ARCFit Martial Arts Meditation

Martial Arts Meditation: Chi Kung Exercises, Wu Ji & Splitting Heaven and Earth  Martial Arts Meditation, Chi Kung is an ancient exercise that helps with balancing our energy, life force (chi), health and healing. At Aurora, we have the option to practice helping with our meditation and healing as part of our recovery. In this Martial Arts Meditation, ARCFit

Methods for Sleep in Recovery

Methods for Sleep in Recovery

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be long-lasting. It may take weeks for regular functions to start normalizing. Sleep is one of the most important factors for a healthy recovery. Unfortunately, sleep is one of the most heavily influenced functions. Getting a restful good night’s sleep can be a challenge in early recovery. Chills, sweats, spasms, nightmares, Methods for Sleep in Recovery

Meditation for Veterans, People with PTSD

Meditation for Veterans, People with PTSD

Meditation for veterans and people with PTSD: New research proves regular meditation helped improve the wellbeing of military members (active and those who previously served). Based on spirituality, meditation affects a person’s wellness in a specific way. But, there are other health benefits attached to it as well. Some research says regular meditation increases the Meditation for Veterans, People with PTSD

Beat the Winter Blues: Four Tips

Four Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues: Yes, New Year’s resolutions may be exciting, but they can also be overwhelming for some. Many people overthink their resolutions resulting in failing to reach their goals due to stress and anxiety. There are several items to consider when overcoming the anxiety of not meeting your goals. For one, it’s a Beat the Winter Blues: Four Tips

How To Meditate Effectively

how to meditate

Meditate for relaxation and to think deeply. There are many definitions of meditation and many purposes for meditation. When I first started to learn meditation, one of my meditation teachers said that it was important to ask oneself why one is meditating. What is meditation for? Most people are inclined to say they want to meditate How To Meditate Effectively

Spiritual Experience in Recovery

Spiritual experience in recovery

Spiritual Experience in Recovery: Spirituality is defined as “the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters; the quality or state of being spiritual” Although the definition of spirituality mentions religion, today spirituality is seen more as an alternative to religion. Free from ancient dogmatic beliefs, spirituality is more open to the interpretation Spiritual Experience in Recovery