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Group Therapy: Why Gender Specific?

Why Gender Specific Group Therapy?

Gender Specific Group Therapy: Addiction is a problem that affects people of all ages, backgrounds, races, genders, and more. But, even though two people are facing addiction to the same substance, it doesn’t mean that the treatment program should be implemented in the same way. There are inherent differences in the way people fall into Group Therapy: Why Gender Specific?

Benefits of Group Therapy in Recovery

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Benefits of Group Therapy in Recovery: It has been found that the opposite of addiction is connection. For this reason, many recovery therapists build treatment solutions that help recovering patients connect with other people. As these meaningful relationships are developed, the addict builds a foundation for a new, sober lifestyle. This is why group therapy has Benefits of Group Therapy in Recovery

Recovery Planning: Addiction

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Recovery Planning: At Aurora Recovery Centre all members are assigned one primary counsellor that will work with them throughout their stay. Our flexible program structure is tailored to match each member’s needs with a unique person-centred recovery program. There is never a one size fits all option here. Our recovery planning program is flexible enough Recovery Planning: Addiction