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Traditional Teachings by Kevin: Humility

Kevins Teachings Humility

Kevin’s Traditional Teachings: Begin your journey in the spring, in the East. East is where all life begins and yellow best represents our first Teaching: Humility. Learn This Kind of Humility Every day, the beauty and power of creation are ignited in the East. Are you not humbled by the strength and brilliance of the Traditional Teachings by Kevin: Humility

Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

Five Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

Mindfulness Tips For Beginners: Mindfulness can be very helpful in avoiding relapse. Two key elements in addiction recovery and maintaining sobriety are found in a person’s ability to manage stress and personal triggers. It’s impossible to avoid stress and triggers altogether. But, the practice of mindfulness can be helpful to handle the emotions and avoid relapse. Mindfulness Tips for Beginners