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Talking to Your Kids About Addictions: Here Are Some Tips

Tips For Talking to Your Kids about Addictions

Talking to your kids about addiction: young people are surrounded by alcohol and drugs through Social Media, their day-to-day activities and the entertainment industry. It’s hard to filter it out, that’s why many parents and caregivers worry about what their children’s teen years will bring. There are many things that can make your kids more Talking to Your Kids About Addictions: Here Are Some Tips

Party Sober at Halloween: Here’s How

How to Party Sober at Halloween

Party Sober at Halloween: The excitement for Halloween is building as people are putting the finishing touches on their costumes and coordinating parties for the big night. While it is a wholesome holiday for kids to enjoy trick-or-treating, holiday gatherings can be a challenge for adults who are working to maintain sobriety. Unfortunately for those Party Sober at Halloween: Here’s How

Medically Supervised Detox

Medically Supervised Detox

Do I Need Medically Supervised Detox? Medically Supervised Detox Is Important. Most addicts find it difficult to overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms that occur at the beginning of a recovery program. Not only is it a challenge to beat the addictive behaviour, but unsupervised detox can be dangerous in some situations. Medically supervised detox isn’t Medically Supervised Detox