Can Cannabis Really Help Anxiety?

Can Cannabis Really Help Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a debilitating condition that interrupts a person’s daily responsibilities. In some cases, the anxiety can reach the point where it conflicts with a person’s relationships, work duties, school assignments, and more. So, it is easy to understand why a person suffering from anxiety would turn to any solution to relieve the discomfort Can Cannabis Really Help Anxiety?

Social Media and Mental Health

social media

Is There Such a Thing as Spending Too Much Time Online? Over the past decade, social networking has transformed the world. Although social media use is a relatively new phenomenon, early research studies are showing that it has already been evoking changes in basic aspects of human behaviour. As a result, suggestions have been made Social Media and Mental Health

Mental Health Disorders

mental health disorders

Anxiety Anxiety affects us all at different points in our lives. Typically, we feel anxious when we are faced with something stressful or frightening like a first date or a public speech. These feelings are normal. Anxiety commonly manifests itself in physical symptoms such as chest pain, headaches, and involuntary trembling. However, anxiety should not Mental Health Disorders