Stories of Recovery – Cole

stories of recovery cole

Stories of Recovery – Cole Cole suffered from depression as a child and turned to alcohol and other drugs to numb out. He spent years in and out of jail and trying to get sober. He relapsed days after his son’s birth, went back to jail where he remained sober, but came to ARC to ensure a life in Stories of Recovery – Cole

Stories of Recovery – Rick

stories of recovery rick

Stories of Recovery – Rick From owning his own construction company, to starting a new chapter in his life in college, Rick had issues adjusting and turned to alcohol to cope. He says that ARC saved his mental health and gave him the coping skills when facing his challenges. One challenge he says is that Stories of Recovery – Rick

Affects On The Body From Alcohol

5 Uncommon Known Affects on the Body from  Alcohol In recent years, alcoholism is viewed more like a disease rather than a bad habit because of its devastating effects on someone’s entire life. It’s common knowledge that abusing alcohol can cause serious health issues such as liver failure. But, many of us are unaware of Affects On The Body From Alcohol