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How Family Impacts Recovery

How Family Impacts Recovery

How family impacts recovery: Addiction is a family disease. This is true. When someone struggles with a substance use disorder the entire family is affected in one way or another. On the flip side, the family impacts recovery in a very powerful way. Their influence on their loved one’s recovery can mean the difference between How Family Impacts Recovery

Go Sober for October Is A Great Idea

Go sober for october

One of Britain’s largest charities, Macmillan Cancer Support, hosts an annual fundraising event in the UK in support of their efforts to provide specialist health care, information, and financial support to people affected by cancer. The charity encourages people to ‘Go Sober for October’ to help others while also helping themselves. We Were Inspired by Go Sober for October Is A Great Idea

Aurora Recovery Centre Announces New President

Steve Low, President of Aurora Recovery Centre

June 24, 2020 (Gimli, Manitoba) – Aurora Recovery Centre, a private, 70-bed inpatient addictions treatment facility near Winnipeg is turning the spotlight on its Chief Operating Officer. Steve Low has been promoted to President, effective immediately. Aurora founder and chairman Paul Melnuk made the announcement today. Low, an addictions clinician, treatment program developer and referral Aurora Recovery Centre Announces New President

First Step To Getting Addiction Treatment

First Step To Getting Addiction Treatment

First Step To Getting Addiction Treatment: To overcome the stigma surrounding addiction, we need to accept that it can happen to anyone. Addiction is a disease that consumes a person’s life, affecting their loved ones too. It is one of the most intense struggles to overcome. People with addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders need custom First Step To Getting Addiction Treatment

Supporting My Partner in Their Recovery

Supporting My Partner in Their Recovery

Supporting My Partner in Their Recovery: Family relationships can be a powerful support for someone working through addiction recovery. There is a concept known as The Social Connection Theory of Addiction, which suggests that strong relationships and human connection are key to helping someone overcome addictive behaviour. If your significant other is struggling with drug Supporting My Partner in Their Recovery

Medically Supervised Detox

Medically Supervised Detox

Do I Need Medically Supervised Detox? Medically Supervised Detox Is Important. Most addicts find it difficult to overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms that occur at the beginning of a recovery program. Not only is it a challenge to beat the addictive behaviour, but unsupervised detox can be dangerous in some situations. Medically supervised detox isn’t Medically Supervised Detox

Benefits Of Recovery: Here Are Five

benefits of recovery

Benefits of Recovery: The prospect of leaving drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviours behind is usually met with two sullen questions: “How?” and “Why?” Answering ‘how’ is part of an ongoing learning process, with new lessons discovered daily. “Why” is the journey. Benefits of Recovery: You’re Going To Stop Obsessing Over Drugs And Alcohol Part Benefits Of Recovery: Here Are Five

Spiritual Care & Mentoring

spirituality care and mentorship

Spiritual Care & Mentoring: At Aurora Recovery Centre, we work with every member to help them discover their own spirituality. It is often said addiction is a disease that attacks the spirit but it also can destroy it. Through active addiction, people often forsake their previous spiritual beliefs and are no longer able to attend to Spiritual Care & Mentoring

Fentanyl Addiction and Treatment

fentanyl addiction

Fentanyl addiction is becoming more and more prevalent across Canada. There is a good deal of press regarding the use of the drug due to the number of overdoses. With fentanyl addiction, overdoses are frequent because of the potency of the drug itself which is a synthetic opiate more powerful than morphine. This is made Fentanyl Addiction and Treatment