Cole suffered from depression as a child and turned to alcohol and other drugs to numb out. When he broke his back in a snowmobile accident, his addiction got worse. He tried several rehab treatments, which helped him off of hard drugs, but alcohol still was an issue. After four years of being in and out of jail and days after his son was born, Cole knew he needed help. He served his last sentence and came straight to Aurora Recovery Centre to get sober.


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Rick gave up his own business to pursue a new path by enrolling in an intense college course and drank to cope with the stress.


 After 60 days in detox, tapering off 29 medications, and nearly taking her own life, Victoria’s now sober.

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Jonny grew up in a family with an alcoholic, served in Afghanistan, and developed an addiction. Since he’s been in recovery, he’s saved a man’s life.

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Aurora Recovery Centre’s philosophies are consistently reflected in the way we value our members and staff. Everything we do is in the interest of our members’ recovery for life.

Our modern world-class facilities are located on the serene western shore of Lake Winnipeg, accompanied by miles of wooded trails and breathtaking sunrises, with amenities that support healing.

From initial contact with Aurora, you begin to experience our Member-First Culture. Our highly experienced Addiction Specialists help you navigate the complex, emotional decision to admit to treatment.

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