Spring Has Sprung: Fitness in Recovery

Spring has sprung at Aurora and we can take fitness outside once again.

It’s Spring again…hopefully!  After the last blast of snow, it’s time to start looking outside again for some happy sunlight vitamins and get that body moving again.  Even with this latest wave of restricions, we now have OUTSIDE!

Conscious Breathing

Time: 5+min

This can be done rain or shine, so head outside and find somewhere quiet. Try to minimize distraction. No headphones or music needed. Start with an intenton of gratitude, close your eyes, and just start breathing… deeply, into your belly, sending oxygen to the deepest part of your lungs. Use the meditation techniques you learned at Aurora. Be in each moment, aware of all the sounds, smells and sensations around you. 

Wheels & Locomotion

Time: 20+min

Time for some human-powered locomotion.  Sorry, no electric or gas powered machines allowed.  Dust off the bike, skateboard, skates, unicycle or any other wheel-centric gear you might have. Don’t forget your safety equipment, such as helmets, wristguards, kneepads, etc..  Keep your centre of gravity low, knees bent and enjoy the scenery as you pass by.


Time: 30 seconds each

Regardless of exercise, always stretch….each day.  Remember, a stretch should feel mild and never to a point of pain.  Use your prayer or meditation techniques during this time and get the most meaning out of each session.

Chi Kung / Tai Chi / Slow Martial Meditation

Time: 10+mins

A favourite at Aurora, Martial Arts Meditation is a great way to increase oxygen intake, keep muscles and joints moving and balance our internal energy.  We also know it’s a great way to help mitigate ‘fight, flight’ triggers, if we can train our body to hold that nice ‘rest & digest’ state.  If you do any other martial artistry, try doing it slowly, with breathing and meditation…cultivate that peaceful warrior within you.


Time: 30+mins

Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, and roll through your steps, heel to toe. Try to connect with every step, feeling each foot and shoe contacting with the earth. Consciously activate muscles all the way up your leg to your hips. Support your spine by activating your core, and remember to stand straight with a strong posture.

Muscle Time

Time: 10+ mins

Here are some easy exercises you can do outside without getting too messy or mossy.

  • Squats & Lunges – Works Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Adductors, Calves and Balance
  • Pushups – Works chest, shoulders, triceps and core
  • Park Bench Dips – Works triceps, chest and shoulder
  • Planks – Core

Remember, get outside as soon as you can!  Every single step and rep counts for something and is never wasted! As always, you can reach me at eddie@aurorarecoverycentre.com if you have any questions.

by Eddie Miller