24/7 Medical Detox

Our detox program helps members clear their minds and engage in treatment more effectively.

Aurora Recovery Centre is one of the only treatment facilities in the country with an onsite 24/7 medical detox unit. Medical detoxification is the safest and most comfortable means of withdrawal from active addiction of alcohol and drugs. The best time to detox is when the addict has any sliver of willingness to get healthy, so clearly bed availability is critical to cease the opportunity. We can admit members 24/7 and have 14 dedicated beds in our medical detox unit.

Every member admitted to our centre must successfully undergo detoxification. Upon arrival, our nurses and counselors make sure each member understands the full detoxification process. Our Medical Director oversees medical treatment provided, authorizing protocols specific to each member’s physical needs.

An important component of detox is to ensure the member is well enough to participate effectively in treatment. The goal is to ensure the member has had sufficient detoxification to be physically, emotionally and mentally prepared to engage in the treatment program. Individualized medical assessment and care, along with good nutrition and a mild exercise program, will ensure that each person has every advantage on their journey of recovery.

What is medical detox?

Detox is the medically supervised treatment that helps to disunite an individual from addictive substances, drugs, or alcohol, or to completely discontinue use. Detox is performed in our on-site 24/7 medical detox unit to help the individual slowly and safely withdraw from their addictive behaviours. There is a different method for each and every type of addiction. We monitor the whole detoxification process with trained medical professionals and those specifically licensed for the detoxification of drugs and alcohol. Dependent on the detox protocol, severity of addiction and intake of drugs and alcohol, certain medications may be used to safely assist the member involved in the detox process.

Our team of dedicated medical professionals and compassionate staff will make the detoxification process as comfortable as possible. Our detox program helps members clear their minds and engage in treatment more effectively. Call Aurora Recovery Centre 1-844-515-STOP today to learn more about our treatment options and schedule an intake.

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