Aurora counsellors work with you toward making decisions about dealing with sobriety issues within your personal life and circumstances.

We know that if you could have done so yourself, you would have recovered from your addiction and gained abstinence by now. Nobody deliberately prolongs the damage an active substance addiction brings. There’s far too much at stake.

Addiction is a Serious Thing

Aurora’s counselling staff are gifted professionals. They are highly trained, highly skilled, and very experienced in working with those suffering from addiction. They know the essentials of recovery, and how to help each and every one of our members that seek addiction recovery treatment. You can rely on their lawful confidentiality as you share your deepest worries and the impact of traumatic life experiences with your counsellor. Should you choose to participate in group therapy, you will find that every member or peer present during these meetings will offer the same confidentiality and respect.

Fellowship and Mutual Respect

Like everything else, in order to do it well, you need to know how to do it and have the tools to do it, along with professionals to provide assistance in meeting your goals. Sharing experience with others trying to reach the same goals is enriching and provides a wealth of comfort and knowledge. Most people have not been successful in a balanced sobriety before, where they are happy and satisfied, without meeting these criteria. We craft effective treatment recovery plans that help provide only the best of support systems to help guide you through all the trials of the discovery and recovery process.

We don’t need to tell you of the pain and loneliness, devastated personal relationships, work issues, and emotional pain that this addiction has caused in your life. We know how hard it is to work through it all when you have little more than difficult addiction experience to do it with. In order to help you dive into the sensitivities of your particular addiction and the course of life that brought you this point, we provide one on one counselling sessions for each member, with one particular assigned counsellor. Counsellors at Aurora are compassionate and respectful during these sessions because they know that working through addiction and all the issues that grow because of it, take time and patience.

Beginning Counselling

Aurora’s counsellors help you to identify your needs, your strengths, and your barriers. In order to understand the point in your life when you developed an addiction or had become vulnerable to it, our counsellors will work with you to unlock these feelings. Our counsellors can help bring together a team of treatment professionals to help uncover deeper rooted issues such as those connected to trauma, loss and mental illness. Dual diagnosis begins during the first session to evaluate each member’s mental health state so that we can better gear your treatment for both concurring issues.

The second step in counselling is to work through your current living situation, lifestyle, and stresses that cause you to become more dependent on these addictive substances. Should there be emotional stresses from current relationships, work or other internal stresses, our counsellors will work with you to help with communication of those feelings in your life. Many people affected by addiction are often suppressed in their ability to communicate their feelings because they feel stuck or misunderstood.

Addiction and Internalized Feelings

During the development of addiction, the mind turns into an influx of confused feelings that are bottled up and internalized. Since many of the drugs and alcohol affects the way we internalize negative feelings, we begin to think poorly of ourselves, becoming hypercritical and destructive. We forget how to define these feelings, having turned them off for so long as we try to avoid every stressful situation by consuming drugs and alcohol.

After our counsellors work with you to understand where these emotional blocks come from and how they affect you, they will devise a unique plan that will help you to learn how to describe your feelings. As you learn what your feelings are connected with concerning people, situations, and certain memories, our counsellors will help you develop the social skills you need to address the situations in a more productive way. The more we learn to strategize these high-stress moments in our lives, the more we can begin to make them less stressful. We begin to find that we can start applying these life skills to real life moments. Now that we have these skills to turn to, we find that we look for addictive substances less and less.

Aurora counsellors work with you toward making decisions about dealing with sobriety issues within your personal life and circumstances. Aurora’s counselling experts are highly skilled in helping our members in determining recovery priorities. We help you to “move the mountain a shovelful at a time.” These treatments take time to work through all the essentials to get you started on a healthy and beneficial path to recovery. Treatment sessions vary and depend upon your personal needs will be planned out with you during your first session with your specified counsellor.

If you would like to receive one on one counselling sessions with our treatment counsellors at Aurora Treatment Centre, please call to speak with our intake team now.

All information provided is confidential. Privacy Policy

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