Self-Care During Coronavirus

Self-Care During Coronavirus

Self-care has never been more important than it is right now

As we continue to social distance ourselves from others and stay indoors during the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s imperative that we pay attention to our self-care. This means we need to pay attention to ourselves and be kind to ourselves.

Some people will look at this as an opportunity to rest, spend time with our immediate families, or catch up on chores. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. If you are starting to feel anxious, you may need to change your routine and implement a self-care list or calendar to give yourself and your mind some time to rest. Taking care of your mental health right now is extremely important – especially in recovery!

Turn off the news for a while

Coronavirus is on everybody’s mind right now, and while it’s important to stay informed, you also don’t want to become consumed with dire warnings and bad news. This will only increase your anxiety and feed your fear.

Step away from the news and Social Media, and give yourself a break. Enjoy some silence, listen to music, or meditate.

Self-care for you and your friends and family  

Remember the days of ‘The Jetsons’ when we used to imagine video calling? It sure is great that we can do that now! We can choose to Facetime, Skype, Zoom and Snapchat! Use these tools to communicate with your loved ones, your friends or someone in your fellowship. Talking to people helps us and it will help them too!

Write your loved ones an email and encourage them to continue the chain of conversation. We know how powerful a tool journaling is in recovery, so writing letters/emails can help ease stress.

Self-care is music!

The news has become very discouraging, so if you are feeling overwhelmed listen to some relaxing music or crank up the tunes and do some exercising or dancing. Modern technology allows us to have any music we want right at our fingertips.

Meditate is great for self-care  

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and regenerate. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube and a huge selection of guided meditations are available on a lot of apps such as Spotify. Use this time to explore meditation.

Self-care is eating healthy

It is important to ensure you are taking care of your health. Be sure to eat a balanced diet with good proteins, fresh or canned fruit and vegetables (depending on what you have on hand) and drink plenty of water. The whole point of the current quarantine is to keep you healthy!

Make a list of your favourite indoor activities.  

At this point, nobody is certain how long the quarantine will last. Use your time at home as an opportunity to spend time on your favourite hobbies, play games with family.

You can also do activities like colouring, painting, cooking, reorganizing your closet or writing in your journal. By making a list, you’ll remind yourself what you can do when boredom starts kicking in.

Keep to your recovery routines

You improve your chances of staying away from substances if you regularly use your “tools of recovery“.

Click here to download our Recovery Checklist.