Sacred Fires and Tobacco Ties

Sacred Fires bring peace during these times that have been extremely difficult to navigate. We as social beings struggle to maintain relationships with new imposed expectations of physical distancing for our continued health and those around us that we care about. Simple things like handshakes have come down to hiding behind a mask and not knowing if the person behind it is smiling or mad, or sad.

How Do We Move Forward Through These Difficult Times?

Ceremony has been no different with imposed expectations. We are asked to not partake in Sweat Lodge ceremonies presently. Many of you have heard me say that the sweat lodge is the safest place in the world for me and it is a place that I call the healing lodge. I have had to adjust my thinking for the greater good of all that I hold in my circle. Upon taking time to smoke my pipe I asked what I could do to take care of the people.

Weekly Sacred Fires

During these times I have been asked to go back to the time when I first started this journey of healing. I started out as a firekeeper for various lodges and still to this day do that most important and difficult work. We have started to do weekly sacred fires to replace the ceremony of the sweat lodge until such time that we can return to the lodge. We have been taking the time to smoke the pipe 4 times through the day representing the four doors of the lodge as well as sharing songs, stories, teachings, smudging, and time with each other in a safe way. We have also begun to make tobacco ties and hang them on the trees and when I pass them out I ask the individuals to think about what they want to heal while they hold those sacred prayer ties and put those intentions into those prayer ties.

Offer Prayer Ties To The Sacred Fires

When we are in a position to return to the lodge we will offer those prayer ties to the sacred fires. Some men have stepped forward during these times to help with those sacred fires and teachings are being shared with them as we do this beautiful work. I am truly blessed to have been shown to return to where it all began which is the firekeeper role and have the pleasure of sharing it with others. I also know that each sacred fire we have participated in that prayers have been said for each and every one of you and those you hold in your heart, your thoughts, and your prayers. To all of you may your spirit continue to be lit with the fire that is within you through these challenging times.

Take care, my Aurora family until we gather once again.

Kevin Koroscil, Nii Gaani Inini, Leading Man

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