Relapse Prevention Skills

Relapse prevention involves lowering your personal risk of using again regardless of the provocation to do so.

As with many other diseases, there are ways to prevent a relapse of your symptoms. But this all takes commitment and the willingness to seek change. We believe in you!

When you leave Aurora Recovery Centre, you will have had an amazing transformation within yourself and equipped to re-enter all aspects of your life. You will have evidence of physical improvement, your emotions will have leveled out considerably, and you will have learned many things about yourself. You will have learned to share honestly with what troubles you’ve encountered throughout your skill building experience in recovery, and you will have become open to new solutions as your new attitudes permit. This is your beginning, and it is the foundation from which you will live your life as you had hoped.

What You Will Learn

Our recovery programs are designed to give you the support you need to heal while you’re in the early stages of finding your path to recovery and knowledge you will need when you set foot outside of our comfortable and nurturing home here at Aurora Recovery Centre. You will have tools to encourage the repairing relationships and tools to enhance existing relationships with yourself and other. You will not have to avoid anyone ever again because you have learned how to socialize and interact. You will have learned new ways to handle old problems. Your spirit will have begun its full recovery. Your hope for your future will be stronger because you will feel it growing as the community of those in the recovery program grow with you.

Recovery builds:

  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Confidence
  • New thought processes
  • Communities
  • Active support systems
  • New abilities to cope with stress
  • Emotional control
  • Independence from alcohol, drugs, and addictive behaviours

These are some of the amazing skills you will learn so that you can avoid relapsing. We build a strong foundation for each of our members and make sure that they have a sustainable support system outside of the recovery Centre at Aurora. We care for each and every one of our members and want them to succeed. Whatever you need to be successful, we offer it or will find a way to bring it to the Centre and incorporate it into your personal program. Now it’s time apply what you have learned in the real world.

Your First Steps in Active Recovery

As you leave the friendships and the safe and caring environment, you are equipped to live each day sober. This is not an automatic thing. Each day, people living in recovery face all the same problems and life experiences outside of their control that everyone else does. Each day, people in recovery face the unexpected, and, the unfortunately expected conditions of life. As these situations and experiences occur, recovery people must be aware of their own vulnerability to return to using their chemical of choice.

There are times when using or drinking will seem like a better idea than handling it with sober skills. This is because the “seeming solution” of using again feels familiar and it is recalled as having been instant in alleviating the moment. This feeling of wanting to turn back to addiction can happen in a crisis when things are not going well over a period of time, or difficult emotions get the best of you. Sometimes, a craving comes without warning. Relapse can happen without prevention skills and techniques.

Put Your Relapse Prevention Skills to Use

You have all the skills you need and more you will learn from outpatient recovery here at Aurora should you need added support. Relapse prevention involves lowering your personal risk of using again regardless of the provocation to do so. Often people don’t recognize the signs of themselves heading into relapse, but we can help you learn your triggers and reaction to these things especially in these times of distress. It can begin quite some time before the actual use of the chemical finally re-occurs.

Relapse prevention skills give you warning and solutions to use before it gets to the moment before taking a drink or another drug. Believe in yourself at that moment and remember that you have the tools you need to try something different for your body and mind. Recovery can be a long process, but there’s no reason to go back to the beginning when you have built a working independent lifestyle. Don’t forget all that you have learned and the network of supportive mentors and sponsors that are waiting for your call should you need help to work through the rough patches; they will come, but you can handle it with some help.

At Aurora, we ensure you leave us with an awareness of your triggers, your personal vulnerabilities, and techniques to avoid a relapse. Call today to learn more about all of our recovery programs and live well.

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