Recovery Planning: Addiction

Recovery Planning: At Aurora Recovery Centre all members are assigned one primary counsellor that will work with them throughout their stay. Our flexible program structure is tailored to match each member’s needs with a unique person-centred recovery program.

There is never a one size fits all option here. Our recovery planning program is flexible enough to ensure that your best learning style is met. You will receive the benefit of group work with your peers, and hear how they receive and interpret the information during each session, as it applies to them. These group sessions will give you a good deal to consider for application in your own recovery. In turn, your contributions will be helpful to them. Community and strength are built here, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Recovery Planning: Community and Commitment

As you plan your path toward successful recovery here at Aurora Recovery Centre, we encourage all of our members to understand that recovery from addiction takes their full commitment and awareness. Our holistic recovery program brings together a variety of people willing to work hard to achieve full recovery from substance abuse and dependency. As we connect with one another through group therapy and activities, we begin to understand the value of human connection and understanding. We know that recovery can be difficult when we have no base of support. At Aurora Recovery Centre, we find that our members begin to open up and rely on the collective feelings and opinions of our peers.

Successful recovery planning begins with the understanding that you will find valuable connections here. This planning is the starting point in your recovery. If we remain closed to treatment and constantly disconnect from it, then nothing can be done. Once we have decided that we wish to seek recovery and have a comforting environment for those that understand the struggle and everything we have gone through, we can actively immerse ourselves in an active recovery plan. Now, you need the tools to begin the process, and this is where we will set you up with everything you need to feel happy, healthy and growing into the people we want to be.
We Give You the Tools for Success

We promise community here and know that there are lasting friendships built here for you to carry over into life after Aurora. You will be introduced to the tools of sobriety and how to incorporate them into the unique circumstances of your life Our collective experience at Aurora determines that we are all different. We know that no two people that have come through our doors are alike, and this means we are always crafting solutions and dynamic plans to serve every type of person.

Many people have tried to commit to recovery on their own, but they lack the necessary skills to bring them to that point. Recovery is a collective effort and requires new adaptive skills to make sure that you can handle every stressful situation and trigger that comes your way or is presented through your treatment. We want you to be successful and see the desire in every one of our members; everyone needs a plan and a helping hand to get there.

One on One Counselling Sessions

At Aurora Recovery we set you up with one counsellor that will personally work with you throughout your time with us; this makes all the difference when you are paired specifically with one counsellor for consistency. You will have the opportunity to meet often with your primary counsellor to discuss your very personal issues on a one on one basis, and how you might best manage those throughout your recovery process. In circumstances where specialized expertise is required to assist your recovery from addictions, we will ensure your access to those experts from our variety of specialists.

Because not every person will only benefit from a personal counsellor, we often bring in psychiatrists, a certified marriage and family therapists (MFT’s) and other professionals that will cater to your particular needs. We provide dual diagnosis and mental health counselling alongside the medical management of prescriptions, which we will discuss with you during your initial intake. During your first assessment with our intake team and therapists, we will find the best of our team to help manage your recovery process. Your recovery planning requires a team of professionals and the support system of a community.

Alternative Therapies

One on one counselling sessions and group therapies can help many people tremendously. But in addition to these counselling sessions where we learn to share, how to open up and more importantly how to listen.

We use creative innovative therapies that will help to treat anxieties and the clutter of the addictive mind. Some individuals find that they learn well through the use of a journal, others find that guided assignments are better because they are focused and give needed direction. Still, others learn visually and we have a host of visual tools.

There is an opportunity for art therapy included in our panorama of learning tools. You will be introduced to 12-step programs and more. The variety of programs here at Aurora Recovery Centre are extremely effective for people experiencing addiction issues and emotional distress. These programs are effective as a design for ongoing sober growth at every stage of sobriety.

If you or someone you love can benefit from the supportive and holistic recovery at Aurora Recovery Centre, call us to schedule your intake today. See the beauty in recovery.