Recovery Day Winnipeg 2020 Festival Schedule

Tune into Recovery Day Winnipeg 2020
September 12
5:00 – 7:00 PM
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Presented by St. Raphael Wellness Centre and Aurora Recovery Centre, Recovery Day gives Winnipeg a chance to build awareness around addiction and mental health, challenge social stigma, celebrate recovery, and improves life for individuals, families, communities, and businesses.

Recovery Day, which happens every year in cities across Canada and the United States, supports those in recovery and their loved ones, aims to end the stigma of addictions and mental health, provides resources for those who might be seeking help, and brings the community together in unity to fight against such a terrible disease.

Recovery Day Winnipeg allows us to engage with our own stories of recovery, have our voice heard, and our passion demonstrated. Addiction impacts everyone. No one is safe from it. It runs rampant throughout our lives, even though not all of us are ready to acknowledge that it does.

This special day opens the conversation so that individuals and families will not experience shame in seeking help.

Recovery Day Winnipeg 2020 Schedule

Introduction (Land Acknowledgement)

Greetings Mayor Brian Bowman

Master of Ceremonies, Jon Ljungberg

The Keen and The Kind

Rusty Matyas (Speaker)

Fresh IE (Speaker)

Fresh IE Performance (Crystal)

Rod Pederson (Speaker)

Fresh IE Performance (Beautiful People)

Jon Ljungberg (Speaker)

Tom Jackson (Speaker & Performance)

Closing Remarks/Thank You

Fresh IE Performance (OK)

Thank You to our Recovery Day Winnipeg 2020 Sponsors

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, MJ Roofing, Manitoba Hydro, Two Ten Recovery, EHN Canada, and our prize sponsor Samantha Rae Photography