Recovery Community at A Conference

Recovery Capital Conference - a personal connection

Recovery Community: As we wrote in a previous post, the annual Recovery Capital Conference isn’t just for professionals. You don’t have to be in the treatment and recovery industry to get benefits from attending the Recovery Capital Conference. This personal viewpoint from Tina Lussier shows that education and inspiration can be a powerful experience for those in recovery, as well.

My first week as an employee at Aurora Recovery Centre was a whirlwind. It was November 2019, and my first assignment was to prepare to attend an annual recovery conference in Winnipeg.

I was a bit nervous as I walked into the event centre, but when I entered the room, it felt like a ‘warm hug’. (That’s how I describe the recovery community and how it feels to work for Aurora Recovery Centre, a warm hug).

I have been in recovery myself for many years, but I was no longer a part of the recovery community.  When I attended that conference, I was reminded of all the great people that I was missing in my life.

I have always loved that crazy sense of humour that people ‘in the rooms’ have. You can almost always recognize a fellow in recovery by their sense of humour. We joke about things that would shock or embarrass most people, and there was a lot of that at the conference.

I also forgot about how inspired I was by other people’s stories of recovery. (Many of us like to say we love going to meetings because someone else always has a story worse than ours).

The day flew by as I sat and listened to the many speakers and participated in several workshops. I made quite a few friends who work in the recovery community – and everyone was very friendly, welcoming, and happy.

I listened to a doctor talking about her RAAM Clinics and recovery medications. I heard mothers tell their stories about the children they lost to substance use disorders, and I was amazed at the work they were doing trying to prevent it from happening to other families.

The most memorable presentation for me was by Joe Roberts, the “Skid Row CEO”. (What an incredible story). He shared his journey through recovery with us, which started on the streets of Vancouver and ended with personal success and a beautiful love story. (I had to buy the book).

This is what I took away from that conference:

  • The recovery community is a beautiful thing to experience whether you’re in recovery or not.
  • A recovery conference is a great event for the loved ones of people struggling with substance use disorders. As a friend and family member of people with substance use disorders, I found a wealth of information to help myself cope and accept what they’re going through. Of course, I will always be concerned, but I was reminded of boundaries and how I have been failing at setting my own lately. (I’m working on that).
  • A recovery conference is an excellent experience for someone in recovery. I loved it.
  • A recovery conference is a valuable event for professionals to attend. I heard the latest and greatest about recovery.
  • A recovery conference would be an excellent learning experience for our youth. I believe that we need to teach them to understand the gravity of substance use disorders, not just on the person suffering, but on all of us.
  • A recovery conference is for anyone who cares about the effects of substance use on our communities.

Lately, I’ve been preparing for the annual Recovery Capital Conference coming up on September 4, 2020. As a result of the research (and learning) I’ve been doing, I’m excited about this conference because I know I need to work more on my own ‘recovery capital’ in order to have my best life. In my experience, it’s always a benefit to continue learning about myself and to be reminded of the work I need to continuously do.  (I’ve started reading recovery books again and I’m meditating for the first time in my life).

In closing, I highly recommend that you consider attending the Recovery Capital Conference. It’s virtual (online) this year, so it’s very accessible to all of us.

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