Recovery Capital Conference Q&A

Recovery Capital Conference Q&A

Recovery Capital Conference Q&A

Aurora is one of the sponsors of this year’s Recovery Capital Conference, to be held September 4, 2020.

While in years past, the event has taken place at venues around the country, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year it will take the form of a virtual webinar.

We wondered how this conference came together in the first place. Our team asked Giuseppe Ganci, the founder and organizer of the Recovery Capital Conference series, to explain a little bit about the process.

Recovery Capital Conference questions answers

When and where was the first Recovery Capital Conference held? 

The first one was held at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster in September of 2017.

How many attended that first one? 

The first conference was a sellout at 500 attendees.

How many events have been held since, where and with what attendances? 

 The following year there were two conferences, in Toronto and New Westminster. The third grew to New West, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax, with crowds from 300 to 600 at [each of] the conferences.

Are you surprised how it took off? What does it feel like knowing more and more people are going to be helped because of what you have put together with these conferences?

Our team put an enormous amount of energy into onboarding people to be interested in Recovery Capital, and how it can help curb the rise in addiction in Canada.  We were not surprised in how many people showed up, and we were grateful that the interest took off across the country.  Our proudest achievement is our promise to create a Recovery Capital Assessment Toolkit, and in 2020, we will be releasing this toolkit that will helps thousands of Canadians.

Going virtual in 2020, what are the pros and cons?

 The pros are we can reach more people who may not have been able to travel to the larger cities from rural areas of Canada. The cons are people may think it’s a simple webinar and not a full-production conference with networking opportunities.

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