Reconnect With Recovery Program

What do you do when recovery from your addiction seems stagnant, challenges of life seem like too much to handle, or you’re feeling like you’re wandering off the recovery path? Or you keep falling off the beam and can’t seem to get back on track?

Or perhaps you’re on the right recovery path, and would love to rejuvenate your recovery in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Reconnect with recovery

We know recovery can be challenging. Sometimes the path seems filled with obstacles and you’re having trouble steering clear of your addiction.

Whether you need reassurance as you climb out of a slump, continuing encouragement to get over hurdles, or a refreshing reminder of the principles of your recovery, our Recovery Enhancement Program offers you a place to reconnect in a safe, supportive environment.

You’ll be guided through:

  • Comprehensive review of your recovery activities
  • Assessing your recovery capital
  • Addressing deficits in your recovery
  • Enhancing areas of recovery that are working for you
  • Developing a personal warning sign list for relapse
  • Designing a recovery-oriented system of care that works for you
  • Creating a nurturing plan to prevent future full-blown relapse

Whether you are afflicted by alcohol, drugs, internet, gambling or other addiction, our Recovery Enhancement Program offers you restorative steps in our ongoing continuum of care to invigorate and solidify your recovery.