Reconnect with Recovery

The Renewal Program is designed for people who…
  • Have been struggling with their recovery
  • Need more support than they previously received
  • Have become disconnected from their recovery foundation
  • Want to take their recovery to the next level

Renewal Program

Offering you a place to reconnect, renew and refocus in a supportive and therapeutic environment. The program consists of…

  • Comprehensive assessment of your recovery
  • Identifying all areas of recovery capital – internal and external assets used to sustain your recovery
  • Addressing deficits and enhancing assets in your recovery
  • Enriching the areas of recovery that are working for you
  • Developing a personalized relapse prevention plan

All our services are delivered using evidence-based, trauma informed therapies and a psychoeducational approach. Whether your recovery is from alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, sex or another facet of addiction, our Renewal Program offers you expertise, accountability and connection.