Why Should I Get Sober?

The primary purpose for getting and staying sober, as it is outlined in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, is to carry the message to other alcoholics. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of completing the twelve steps, it becomes a privilege and a duty to take other new alcoholics on that journey. Your life becomes a living testimony to the power of what is possible when someone chooses recovery over active addiction.

Why Should I Get Sober?

With each step, you cross a new emotional threshold. You take a bigger leap towards spirituality than you ever have before. Fearless and thorough, you find that you are capable of being honest with yourself and with others. More and more you learn about what has been hiding at the bottom of every bottle and the top of every high. You find that there is more to life than running and hiding from it. You learn to embrace it. You accept that you are a very important part of it.

Why Should I Get Sober?

In the beginning you will be told that one day your story is going to save someone’s life. While your life is in the process of being saved it may be difficult to see that as being true. Within just a few months you will see your progress. Each day you are becoming stronger, gaining clarity of mind, and getting more deeply in touch with a power greater than yourself. Looking back you see just how far you have come. New people are coming in at that same place you were a few months ago. They start asking you for advice, they reach out to you when they need support. You have been doing all this work for a reason.

Drinking and using separates us from purpose. Our entire function becomes obtaining that next intoxication. Though we may have had jobs, families, and responsibilities, our minds were usually focused on ourselves. We felt purposeless, useless, and worthless in the face of our addictions. We thought that perhaps we had been abandoned by a higher power’s greater plan- that we had made ourselves useless beyond repair.

Choosing to get sober when the chance is presented is like cashing in a coupon for a second chance at life. We find a renewed sense of self, faith, and hope. In time we give those things to others. It is an amazing process you will not want to miss. The gifts that were so freely given to you in your greatest times of need become your gifts to give to others. So if you find yourself asking, “What is the point?” remember this: you are the point. You’re getting sober for a reason: you.


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