Why Is Being Of Service Emphasized In Recovery?


There was once a time you were not convinced that you needed help. You listened to the wise words of someone with a little more time sober than you and believed in what they said. You were able to put confidence in their ability to recover, thereby putting confidence in your own ability. As you continue to grow, you get to share your own wisdom with others.

Being Of Service Is A Confidence Booster

Being of service feels good. Charity and charitable donations often come under philosophical and ethical scrutiny because people wonder if doing something for someone else, because it makes you feel better, is really virtuous. Being of service is such a positive act that it helps everyone involved, even people who aren’t involved. Acting selflessly sets an energetic tone in the universe which has a supernatural ripple effect. Participating in such happy energy will always make you feel good about who you are, your place in the world, and what you have to contribute.

Being Of Service Changes Your Outlook

Simmering in your own stew of self-pity never leads to a tasty meal. On the contrary, it tends to lead to a big mess of what is often called “stinkin’ thinkin’” in recovery. Self pity is pity of the self, meaning you are stick in a cycle of self-centeredness. Shifting your perspective to focus on someone else and helping them will change your outlook immediately. You remember that there is good in the world. When you are of service to someone, you become part of that good.

Being Of Service Helps You Feel Grateful

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be a tumultuous journey with many ups and downs. On days when you’ve forgotten how far you’ve come, how hard you’ve worked, and how much you’ve changed, being of service to someone else helps you come back to gratitude. Gratitude is a life saving attitude in recovery. You feel grateful for being alive today, being in a position to help others, and live the life you do today all because of your decision to recover.

Being Of Service Pays It Forward

Someone was of service to you. You are of service to someone else. Hopefully one day they will be of service to you. The cycle of services perpetuates each time someone steps up and reaches out a guiding hand to someone else.


Aurora Recovery Centre is here to light the pathway to recovery. Our spectrum of care helps members graduate treatment transitionally, offering them the opportunity to be of service to others along the way. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.

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