What is the Detox and Withdrawal Period like?

Detox and withdrawal is the most sensitive time of the recovery process. While cravings are at their highest both psychologically and physiologically, a patient is at their highest risk of relapse. Staying in a supervised environment is a strong recommendation if detox is necessary. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is uncomfortable, to say the least. With medication management and care, the process can be endured more comfortably.

What is the Detox and Withdrawal Period like?

How long does detox and withdrawal last?

Detox treatment can be anywhere from a few days to 14 days depending on the drug of choices, how badly abused the drug was prior to detox, and how long it has been used. Other factors like medical assistance can create a shorter detox period. Withdrawal symptoms are known to begin as soon as the dependent body has gone a significant amount of time without the substance it is dependent upon. Each substance has different symptoms of withdrawal, though there are general symptoms across the board. Detox and withdrawal from addiction takes time and careful professional care.


What are the types of detox?

There are four types of detox. First, is home detox, or “cold turkey”. One may or may not use prescription medication to detox from drugs and alcohol, but they endure the process at home without professional medical care. Second is clinical detox, where the detox process takes place in a professional facility. Twenty four hour care, professionally trained staff, and counselors are on hand to guide the withdrawal process. Third is medically assisted detox. Prescription drugs such as methadone or suboxone are prescribed to make the detox process more of a weaning period than total withdrawal. These medications greatly reduce the strength of symptoms and can shorten the detox time. Another form of detox is naturally assisted detox. Using an intravenous treatment of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the body is restored using it’s own naturally producing medicine.


Do I have to detox or go through withdrawal in order to get treatment?

The answer is both yes and no. Each case is different, only because not everyone will have to go through detox. Some using is less severe than others where withdrawal won’t be experienced to a disruptive point. If someone is wanting to enter treatment but used yesterday, they will have to wait until the drugs are out of their system to begin the process. Additionally, the amount of drugs in the system will determine the detox and withdrawal process. The most important reason one has to be clean of drugs before entering treatment is that they clog the brain. While mind altering substances are still present, the brain cannot comprehend the healing being done through treatment.


Aurora Recovery Center offers detox services including medically assisted treatment. For more information on our treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction call 1-844-515-STOP.

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