What is the Cost of Addiction?


Addiction affects everyone involved. Though there is only the addict themselves is the one abusing substances, everyone in their lives and the community, as well as the world, around them is impacted. Hundreds of billions of dollars per year can be incurred in damages from different things relating to addiction, such as a loss in business productivity, law enforcement costs, damage costs from accidents, and crime.

Family Members

Cost is also incurred to the family members of an addict. Addiction can cost a family years of their happy, healthy lives. Some families will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on multiple courses of treatment even though an addict is not ready for recovery. Broken hearts, lies, stealing, cheating, and more cost a family a loved one greatly.

Personal Cost

For the addict, addiction can be costly. Often, other areas of an addict’s lives falls to ruin in their effort to maintain their addiction. Drugs and alcohol come at an economic price as it is. However, once tolerance builds and a chemical dependency develops, an addict is in need of more. Having built a tolerance, an addict needs higher quantity of chemical substances to achieve the same effect or a greater effect from the intoxication. Due to the chemical dependency, an addict needs more of their drug of choice more often. The result is a very costly compulsion, which is actively taking a toll on the mind and the body.

Lives Lost

Realistically, and most unfortunately, addiction can cost lives. Each day 129 people approximately die from an opioid overdose. Include other harmful substances and alcohol and that number will rise. Once chemical dependency has taken over, the brain has stopped reacting and thinking in a normal way. Addicts act without consequence, the impulsive parts of their brain overriding logic and rationality. As a result, they do not see the cost that is hidden within each next drink and drug. Even after an overdose or being diagnosed with cirrhosis an addict will continue to drink and use unless they are thoroughly ready to recover. Altered brain chemistry prevents the addict from seeing the cost of their addiction on themselves, their bodies, their brains, and the world around them.


Recovery might come at a financial and timely cost, but the rewards are priceless. Learning a new way of living that causes significantly less damage and fosters a healthy, happy life is worth any financial measure. Aurora Recovery Centre is happy to work with insurance companies and private paying family members to get their loved on the treatment they desperately need. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.

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