What is Medical Detox?

Detox can be approached in a number of ways. Natural detox, or at home “cold turkey detox” are alternatives. Both are efficient in completing the cycle of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. While naturally assisted detox has enormous health benefit, like reducing cravings, it is not covered by most insurance. Costly and mostly unavailable, natural detox is not always a practical choice. Quitting cold turkey and suffering the detox process at home is inexpensive and manageable, but full of risk. Depending on the drug of choice and how severely it was abused, at home detox can pose risks. Seizure, stroke, spasming, dehydration and other complications can arise. Lack of clinical supervision and professional medical health providers can have fatal consequences.

What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is one of the most popular and effective detox methods. Available, affordable, and safe, medical detox is a practical choice for many.


What happens during Medical Detox?

A medical detox program can run anywhere from a few days to a few months. The drug of choice and the duration of use determines the length of detox treatment. Those two conditions will also determine the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal can range depending on the substance. Medical detox allows patients to be under twenty-four hour clinical and medical supervision by trained professionals. This ensures that every withdrawal symptom can be met with proper care.

Some of that care may involve medically assisted treatment methods. Prescription medications help ease the pain of withdrawal. A small amount of opioid is contained in some of these drugs, meaning, eventually the body will be completely rid of mind altering substances once the treatment completes. Medication assisted treatment is not meant to be a long term solution. Different medications may be given to help the body process detox- sleeping medication, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, even medications for digestion.


Why choose Medical Detox?

Withdrawal is the most vulnerable time of the recovery process. Cravings are at their highest while the body filters out addictive substances. Without medical support, a patient is unarmed against powerful physical cravings, as well as psychological ones. Though detox is not typically a lockdown situation, having the support of a caring round the clock staff and medications to ease the process will help.


Aurora Recovery Center treats patients detoxing from drugs and alcohol in our Withdrawal Management Unit where they are carefully looked after by trained clinical staff. We offer residential inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for men and women seeking complete life transformation. Our facility is located on the beach of beautiful Lake Winnipeg, offering a resort like luxury to the recovery process. For more information on how Aurora can help you today call 1844-515-STOP.