How Many Drinks A Week Makes An Alcoholic?

Governmental and mental health agencies have outlined the amount of drinks per sitting which indicate binge drinking. Currently, there is no standard for how many drinks per week, per day, or even per hour makes an alcoholic and alcoholic. How people metabolize alcohol is different per person. Is alcoholism indicated by intoxication? By blood alcohol content? By the number of drinks? Rather than counting drinks, alcoholism needs to be determined by an evaluation of the quality of life. Alcoholism is mostly defined by how greatly one’s life has been compromised due to an inability to quit drinking.

It is in fact an alcoholic trait to try and rationalize irrational drinking. An alcoholic is quick to resist being called an alcoholic yet equally as quick to figure out how much they can continue drinking without being called an alcoholic. To the alcoholic, drinking cannot be stopped- literally. When alcoholism becomes an uncontrollable illness, there is a neurological compulsion to drink. Despite negative consequences in life, emotional status, or physical health, an alcoholic will continue to drink. The alcoholic brain becomes completely chemically dependent on alcohol to function. Without alcohol, the brain creates symptoms of withdrawal to let the body know it needs more alcohol, and because it can no longer function on its own without alcohol. Psychologically, the alcoholic mind becomes obsessed with this insistent craving. Until the craving is satisfied and the withdrawal symptoms are soothed, the alcoholic must continue to drink.

Attempting to put a cap on what minimal amount of drinks it will take to satisfy the holistic craving for alcohol does not define alcoholism. The fact that the mind, body, and soul have become in actual need of alcohol does. Usually when someone who is a chronic drinker begins wondering if they’re an alcoholic is an indication that they are. Most people simply don’t spend the majority of their waking hours concerning themselves with drinking. They’re often not jealous that other people can drink “normally”, because they can drink normally. Regular drinkers do not face the unmanageability alcoholics do when they start drinking. If you are thinking you might have a problem with alcohol to the point where you need to “cut back” during the week, it is time to seek treatment.

Aurora Recovery Center offers the Manitoba area a premiere option for alcohol addiction treatment. Our beautiful lakefront property is the perfect place to take an earnest look at your alcoholism and start to make a change. You do not have to let things get out of control before you start getting things under control. Change starts today, with you. If you or a loved one have questions regarding treatment for alcoholism, call Aurora today at 1-844-515-STOP.

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