Do You Need New Friends?

Recovery empowers you to make all kinds of decisions in your life you may never have made before, like the kinds of people you do and do not want to be friends with. For some people, this realization is shocking. Yes, you get to choose your friends! If you do not like or do not feel like people are the right people to be with, you get to make different choices. These are the negative types of people you have the full right and ability to take a step back from so you can focus on your recovery and well being:

People Who Take Too Much:

Relationships are about give and take. If you’re doing all the giving to someone who does all the taing, things are getting out of balance. More importantly, you are losing steam. These relationships can be draining and cause a lot of negative resentments if you don’t handle them the right way.

People Who Are Too Dramatic:

Leave the drama for your mama! When you start working on yourself in recovery, you quickly find you have little tolerance for drama. There are better things to be spending your time and energy on!

People Who Want You To Relapse:

Unfortunately not everyone will be a fan of you growing and moving forward. Some relationships will want to hold you back. Relapse is a matter of life or death. Being influenced or manipulated into relapsing is not something you can afford.

People Who Don’t Keep Growing:

People who want you to relapse and stay at their level are just one kind of people who aren’t committed to growth. You’ve learned that in order to stay sober, you just can’t stay the same. You’re on a mission to expand as a person.

People Who Want You To Fix Them:

Some people seem to feel that because you were able to “fix” your “problems” you are able to fix theirs, too. Instead of doing their own work, they become reliant upon you to do the work for them.

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