Personalized Addiction Recovery Plan


Aurora is a full-service addiction recovery centre that focuses on biological, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being using evidence-based modalities. The neurobiological illness of addiction impacts all aspects of life and needs to be addressed with integrative recovery planning. Planning that includes a broad array of supports to meet the holistic needs of the individual.

We pride ourselves on creating sustainable recovery by tailoring treatment to each individual, providing ongoing care and educating and supporting families.

Your treatment at Aurora Recovery Centre is built on the following components:


24/7 supervised medical detox

Medical, addiction and mental health assessments

Physical stabilization

Recover For Life

You will receive a personalized post-treatment recovery management plan and lifetime access to our Continuing Care resources.

Recovery management may include onsite or offsite extended care, referrals to recovery coaches, community supports, transitional housing, and more.


Your counsellor collaborates with the multidisciplinary team to bring a wealth of expertise to your personalized treatment.

Our counsellors, family program director, nurse practitioners, doctors, psychiatrist, and member care specialists are committed to providing the best treatment available.

We provide a structured, therapeutic environment which nurtures accountability, connection and behavioural changes.

Personalized Addiction Recovery Plan

Beginning with comprehensive assessments that consider your physical, mental, and emotional health we identify what stage your illness has progressed to and what resources you have in your life. We view your resources as Recovery Capital – internal and external assets that can be used to initiate and sustain recovery.

We then tailor a comprehensive addiction recovery plan that addresses your unique needs. A plan that is designed to support recovery throughout your life. Our professional staff will continue to adjust your recovery plan as needed to establish a dynamic framework for sustained recovery. We incorporate services and supports that are gender specific, trauma informed, culturally sensitive and family focused.



Elements of a Recovery Plan:


A Length of Stay Determined by Your ProgressIndividual and Group therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dialectic Behavioural Therapy

Gender-specific Group therapy

12-Step Groups or Alternative Peer Support Groups

Specialists in Sex addiction, Gaming, Disordered Eating, PTSD and Somatic Therapy

Educational Seminars

Spiritual Guidance

Ceremonies Including Sweat Lodges

Nutritional Support

Exercise with Our Kinesiologist/Personal trainer


Walks on Our 45 Acres of Private Land

Massage and Reiki, at additional cost

Auricular Acupuncture and Meditation


Trauma Informed Care

Comprehensive, Individualized Continuing Care Plan and Resources

All addiction shares the common element of compulsive behaviours that continue despite repeated negative consequences. This applies to substance use as well as process addictions, such as eating disorders, gambling, gaming, shopping addiction, relationship addiction and sex addiction. We walk alongside you as you make your way out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery. Many of our staff are in sustained recovery and understand the challenges that you are facing. We bring empathy, expertise and encouragement to each person and family we work with. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect here at Aurora.
Contact us at 1 844 515 7867 to begin your Recovery For Life journey.