Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment we provide in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba

Our outpatient care at Aurora Recovery is an option that allows you to transition from our residential care to the ongoing development of sobriety management as you practice what you have learned in residential care and treatment.

What does outpatient treatment teach us?

Outpatient recovery is a means by which ongoing recovery skills are put into action. As you transition into your new life, there will be many possibilities for a relapse so when necessary, our outpatient programs provide access to specialized service providers to meet co-occurring disorder needs such as trauma, mental health conditions, or other life events that are barriers in your addiction recovery.

Active Recovery in Outpatient Treatment

Active recovery begins as soon as outpatient care is completed, and this means that tests will come. Your skills will be put into place the moment you leave Aurora Recovery Centre, and we teach this idea to every one of our members that complete detox and residential treatment with us. In residential treatment, you are in a safe and calming, controlled environment that is geared toward sustaining healthy living and calming any emotional distress. During the first steps of your recovery program from drugs and alcohol addiction abuse, you will learn how to deal with and discover all of your emotional and physical triggers that foster your need of substances.

These triggers that can be emotional and physical will present themselves throughout your life, and we teach all our member’s alternative ways to deal with this distress and need for substance abuse to deal with it. We believe in your strength at Aurora, and although we give you all of the skills you need at the time of your admittance into our residential program, life after residential recovery treatment may become difficult once again. Or, you may feel that you need extended treatment as a supplement to your ongoing life after Aurora. Outpatient treatment is an offering that we provide to help reinstate all that you have learned in your recovery program.

Outpatient Care in Lovely Winnipeg

In other circumstances, some of our members feel they are able to manage abstinence with other supports, and without the aid of a residential program at this time. Whether you go directly into our residential program first and require added support after the completion of treatment, or simply choose to use our supplementary living outpatient program, you will benefit from the extensive support of the staff at Aurora Treatment Centre. Living in Winnipeg and surrounding areas permits accessibility to an outpatient program located in Winnipeg. This area is conducive to a calming and creative environment. In Winnipeg, we find that the proximity to nature and all that it offers can help us to see the beauty in the addiction free lifestyle.

Outpatient Programs and Treatment

You will have access to all of our treatment services during a specified time during the day, which are usually held from nine in the morning until three or four in the afternoon. Our daily schedules will be presented to all of our members that are included in our outpatient program. One of our outpatient programs provides addiction treatment as you continue to stay in your community should you choose to do so, or if you live elsewhere.

Recovery tools are applied to your daily living experience. To assist your recovery endeavors, our addictions specialists provide education, guidance, and recovery tools. This is accomplished through the group, and one on one counselling services such as 12-step facilitated group treatment, alternative therapies such as art therapy, life skills treatment and more. You and your addictions counsellor will determine if other specialists may be required to overcome barriers to your successful addiction recovery.

During your time in residential treatment, you will learn how to uncover the core of your addictions and why they are present in your life. You will then learn how to accept the problem and how to work around turning toward addiction. Often when we feel threatened, we reach for our addictive substance to help us deal with the problem. When in fact, we not only avoid dealing the problem at all but we harm ourselves in the process. Addictive substances hurt us financially, our home life, our relationships, and personal development.

New Experiences Require New Treatments

There are new treatments and skills developed all the time. As you grow older, take on new responsibility or experience new things or traumas, additional recovery treatment will be required. You learn and grow with recovery treatment because you are an ever evolving individual. New stresses of the work environment, new relationships, moving from the comfort of your home community and starting a family can create new feelings. Everyone needs help managing their lives. Our outpatient program will help those needing healthy medication management and counselling sessions to help with current issues in their lives are always available. We also provide job support to help you get back on your feet.

Every member that works with Aurora Recovery Centre is given a fresh perspective on life and new skills to turn everyday stresses into learning opportunities. Find the treatment that can supplement everything you have previously learned in our residential program or learn new skills as you advance and understand your addiction. We offer support groups for everything from family therapy and Al-anon to 12-step group meetings and life skill building to medication management and one on one therapy.

If you want customized and caring treatment where everyone knows your name and who you are inside, come to Aurora Recovery Centre to learn more about outpatient treatment program.

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