Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals, dedicated support staff and consultants all bring their expertise to treatment at Aurora. Whether it’s a clinical staff providing evidence-based modalities, a chef practicing their artistry with food or a maintenance staff tending the facility with care, we all share one goal, to provide you with a respectful, therapeutic and supportive environment. Many of our staff are in sustained recovery and understand the challenges that you are facing. We bring empathy, expertise and encouragement to each individual in our care. Each person on the Aurora team has been trained in best practices for effective, confidential treatment protocol. This wonderful group of people have dedicated themselves to helping others find their way out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery. Everyone at Aurora is treated with compassion and respect and we are deeply grateful to have such highly skilled, enthusiastic and kind people in all levels of our organization.

Leadership Team

Dr. Jonah Fulmore ~ Medical Director

Dr. Adrian Hynes, M.B., FRCPC, Co-occurring Program HSC: Psychiatrist

Dr. Hynes has committed his expertise in the area of dual diagnosis of mental health and addictions to the individuals in our care at Aurora. His work at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg includes training Residents about co-occurring disorders and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy. He’s been described as kind, dedicated, thorough, knowledgeable and patient by the individuals he’s worked with. We are honored to have his expertise on our medical team.

Donna Low, CCAC, Certified Satir Family Systems Transformational Therapy: Family Program Director

Donna has designed and facilitated several of Canada’s premier family programs. Her ability to bring genuine compassion to each individual she works with offers the perfect environment for healing. Donna’s dedication to bringing healing and recovery tools to families has allowed her to impact the lives of countless individuals. Those individuals  have in turn impacted their families, communities and workplaces. In addition to her education in addictions and family systems, she has also studied child and youth care. Donna has been mentored by renowned expert in addictions, Neal Berger. We are grateful to have her gifts and abilities dedicated to leading our team.

Kevin Koroscil: Spiritual Advisor

Kevin brings his dedication to wellness and supporting people on their personal journey of spiritual discovery to Aurora. His extensive work history with at risk youth honed his ability to see people’s gifts and identify where they’re out of balance. His presence is woven throughout the fabric of the centre. Whether he’s working one on one helping someone discover their own spirituality, lecturing, leading a ceremony, or tending to the sacred land, his commitment is to help all people be well. We are so grateful for the wisdom, open heart and steadfast service he provides to everyone at Aurora.



Dr. Jonah Fulmore ~ Medical Director

Dr. Andrea Fulmore ~ Medical

Dr. Adrian Hynes, M.B, FRCPC ~ Psychiatrist, Co-occurring Program HSC

Rhonda Anderson ~ Detox Unit Supervisor

Kyla Johnson, LPN ~ Nurse



Nicole Corriveau ~ Counsellor

Jessica Fletcher, Applied Counselling Certificate ~ Counsellor

Sarah Foster ~ Counsellor

Kevin Koroscil ~Spiritual Advisor

Grayling Malaterre, RSW ~ Counsellor



Lisa Hancharek ~ Reception

Bernadette Koroscil ~ Accounting Assistant

Nadine Lagasse ~ Reception

Nicole Levesque ~ Reception

Extended and Continuing Care

Jacob Hamblin ~ Continuing Care Advocate

Gerry Verrier, Applied Counselling Certificate, CHRP ~ Counsellor


Athabasca Housekeeping ~ 100% First Nations Owned

Larry Monforton ~ Maintenance Supervisor

Jason Nilsson ~ Maintenance


Mark Shepit ~ Personal Trainer


Athabasca Catering ~ 100% First Nations Owned

Patient Care Specialists

John  Atchison ~ PCS

Tyrone Bean ~ PCS

Cory Bos ~ PCS

Ashley Boychuk ~ PCS

Tara Campbell ~ PCS, Cultural Teachings

Gerry Lynne Cox ~ PCS

Edward Grant ~ PCS

Silvia Harder, BA ~ PCS

Johanna Johnsen, BA Psychology ~ PCS

Chantal Klainchair ~ PCS

Thomas Kowalchuk ~ PCS

Brianne Labossiere ~ PCS

Erin McFee ~ PCS

Linzy Muzyka ~ PCS

Mark Shepit ~ PCS

Reeshema Williams ~ PCS

Bailee Woods ~ PCS

Charlene Mulholland ~ Driver