New Year In Recovery: Bringing Reflection and Presence

In recovery, each day is a new beginning. A new opportunity to bring presence and gratitude into your life. It’s important to take a moment as one year closes and a new year in recovery begins to reflect on our lives. 

Reflect on everything you have to be grateful for. 

Reflect on all the challenges you navigated without using mood-altering substances. 

The practice of progress, not perfection, daily recovery habits, and ongoing growth all require your presence. 

Presence in this moment, the only one we are ever in. 

Take a moment and pause. Reflect. 

Honour your dedication to following a recovery path in the moments filled with grace and in the incredibly difficult moments. 

When you take a moment to focus your attention on what is working, you infuse the present moment with the power of grace. 

Your investment in your recovery and dedication to creating a life worth living is a huge accomplishment. 

As another year around the Sun begins, you have the opportunity to focus on what nourishes you and makes your recovery satisfying. 

One of the best things about being in recovery is discovering satisfaction in the simple pleasures of life. The sound of a bird’s wings as it flies above you, the taste of a delicious piece of fresh fruit, the smell of a scented candle burning. 

Many people set their sights on making changes at this time of year. They commit to creating new habits and enhancing their wellbeing. 

As a person in recovery, you are already guaranteed continued growth. Regardless of what part of the year it is. Your commitment to practicing new behaviours, being accountable and receiving support ensures you will flourish. 

Focusing on the future and attaching your happiness to the completion of a goal is depleting. 

A system of healthy habits think continuing care plan, will deliver daily benefits and build a healthy future. Your continuing care plan is about building habits for life, not just until a goal is reached. Focus on the new habits that nourish you in the moment.

Long-term, lifelong habits and systems work better than goals, which tend to be finite. Don’t defer your happiness to the completion of a goal. Instead, focus on what nourishes your growth in this moment.

Wishing you a peaceful, vibrant, sustained recovery.

By Piper Deggan