Lifelong Recovery After Treatment

long term recovery

Lifelong Recovery: Here we are, in a moment of apparent weakness. We’ve exhausted ourselves and everyone we love with our addiction again. We finally realize this can’t continue, and yet we can’t stop ourselves.

As it turns out, that moment of weakness is strength. The strength to recognize we need help and can’t do it on our own.

It’s Time To Go To A Recovery Centre

We arrive at a recovery centre feeling down on ourselves and scared, and do our best to get through the detox process of feelings and pain. Next, we meet with our counsellors and get to the groups and, just when we’re feeling better and better, the fog has lifted and we’re starting to remember who we are, it’s time to return to life in real-time.

  • How do we take what we learn from treatment and make them work in life?
  • How do we deal with temptation and shame?
  • How do we go from the theory of lifelong recovery to making it a permanent reality?

Finding And Sustaining Lifelong Recovery After Treatment.

  • Make your recovery a priority and keep it at the top of your mind.
  • Go back to basics, fundamentally recovery starts and ends with not using for any reason.
  • Connect with supports and begin to trust people in your life; remember how important it is to have sober friends.
  • Follow the recovery plan you created with your counsellor so you know what to do going forward.
  • Take what you learned at your treatment centre with you and refer back to it often.
  • Stay clear of parties and old friends who may be triggers.
  • Remember you are doing better than you’re feeling. Emotions are not reliable indicators of how well we’re doing in early recovery; it takes time for our emotions to re-balance.
  • Have some good, clean, sober fun – begin to explore enjoyable things and try new activities.
  • Keep up with journaling and reflect on life in an objective way.
  • Get adequate sleep and good nutrition.
  • Breathe fully and deeply, cleaning out your thoughts and your lungs.
  • Practice relaxation or meditation regularly.
  • Be honest with yourself – remind yourself of the truth of your past addictions.
  • Celebrate recovery milestones and use them as reasons to be happy and proud.
  • Remember that sobriety is the easier, softer, and better life choice.

Welcome To Lifelong Recovery, Here…

  • Sobriety is its own reward.
  • Fun is everywhere.
  • Work and effort are rewarded, we can be motivated towards fulfillment.
  • Challenges show up and we grow here, too.
  • Pain is recognized and acknowledged, and so we feel pain, yet we don’t buy into suffering.
  • Laughter and joy arrive without drink and drugs.
  • We find value in ways we may have discounted previously.
  • We no longer want or crave drugs or drink.
  • We find acceptance of ourselves and life.
  • We even find what we always wanted, freedom and responsibility together.

The investment in lifelong recovery starts with choosing the right recovery centre that meets you where you’re at, works to get you sober, and keep you sober for life.

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Stef Meeroff
Heal, Connect, Recover
Recovery Counselor
Aurora Recovery Centre