Life Skills Training: Learning To Live Well

Life Skills Training At Aurora Recovery Centre: Our programs will provide everyone with the necessary tools to live the life they truly desire. You have used certain skills to exist in your active addiction, and you will need a new set of skills in your active recovery.

Life Skills Training Begins With Learning from Past Experiences

Aurora Recovery Centre is the best place for you to learn these brand new life skills as you commit to active recovery. Without a set of new skills, addiction will be difficult to refrain from as it progresses. Albert Einstein would say, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” This quote is the truest statement anyone has ever heard, and we understand why these words were so famous. Many of the members that come to Aurora Recovery Centre for help with their addiction and concurring mental illness have tried the same methods to quit their addiction, trying over and over but with very little if any success. At Aurora Recovery Centre, we hope to reinstate confidence in our members so that they can seek successful recovery because we offer them something different in treatment. Our addiction recovery program is never cookie-cutter, but dynamic and evolving just like each one of our members.

Facing Active Recovery and Your New Life

The lifestyle and coping skills you have used in active addiction will not be the ones you will use in your active sobriety. Although some skills will cross over to recovery, it becomes about finding new and better ways to handle old problems and feelings. Things that we have done in the past haven’t worked, and you will need help to finally get on the right path to recovery. You are entering a new world within yourself with new attitudes and new issues to work with, both around you and within you. You will be facing life on life’s terms, handling realities differently now. Before you were in recovery, most issues and most uncomfortable situations were tossed under the rug, and addictive substances were the way out–or so you thought. After an active recovery plan is set into place, and you detox from alcohol and drugs, there is a new understanding that these methods will no longer work to supplement your new lifestyle.

As life becomes very different, you will want to have peace and harmony in all that you are responsible for. The new skills you will learn and build upon in your treatment program will serve you well in achieving the quality of life you desire in your sobriety. We know that addiction isn’t something that is desired, but it is a vicious cycle that every addict succumbs to without being able to find a way out. Aurora Recovery is here to help support you and realize that your new life is much better than you have experienced from your addiction.

Our counselling staff has had much experience in assisting you with your skill development. These skills set the tone for how you are able to handle situations and your relationships in a positive and meaningful way. There is little gain in being sober and miserable. Skill-building provides you with the capacity for positive life experiences. Aurora’s professionals are aware of many sobriety skills they will help you learn to use them.

Emotional Skill Building

As every recovering addict enters into the new world they choose to live in, free of alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours, our emotions can be difficult to manage. During your time with us at Aurora, our Counsellors will work with you to manage the way you respond to emotional stimuli and how you interact with those around you. Previously when alcohol, drugs or behaviours were the go-to methods, nothing was accomplished except emotional and physical harm.

Life skills training will include emotional skill building and will help those in recovery manage serious side effects of raised levels of anxiety and stress. Not every situation that isn’t favourable has to be the end of the world. There are positives to everything, and if not, we will teach you how to cope. Coping is what’s needed; the world is an ever-changing place, but our recovery has been achieved, and that means many good things will come our way.

During therapy, our Counsellors will simulate stressful situations, and these will bring out sadness, anger and more. We learn how to respond to the many ups and downs that life brings our way in a healthy manner. Addiction previously took over a majority of our lives, but we now have the ability to control our lives and our emotions to our benefit. Take action and manage your stress. We believe in you. You can do it!

Getting Your Life Back on Track

Your life skills training will prepare you for transitioning into an independent lifestyle, or even one with family members surrounding you. A good support system requires a certain amount of independence. We must take control of our lives and get the things we need to live well. Once you’ve established yourself, you can feel confident and dependent on yourself to develop a network of supportive friends and family that want to be a part of it all. We will incorporate skills to help you learn how to manage your money, look for jobs and find activities to occupy your free time.

Throughout your recovery, we will offer you a set of alternative therapies that are meant to help you become independent from addictive substances, but also to help you rediscover yourself. You will learn new things about who you are and how to get the best out of life. Sobriety can help us see that there is more to us than our addiction; we are always living with addiction, but we are not our disease.

Life Skills Training Incorporates Community Involvement and Communication

During your life skills training here at Aurora, you will learn how to become more social and communicate with your loved ones and new people in the world. You will find that there are support systems for sobriety as you build friendships and become more active in the community. We encourage community participation as you develop a strong base of support and find your place in the new world. Addiction made these things difficult, but we can become active and happy.

Learn all the skills you need to get back to a beautiful and sober lifestyle at Aurora Recovery Centre. Call us today to schedule your intake.